Vision IAS 2016 Current affairs

Hello friends, this is a list post where all the Vision IAS 2016 current affairs will be uploaded . This is very important do read them and revise many times.

Update :  Vision IAS 2017 Current affairs  Hindi and English

Hindi Vision IAS current affairs 2016

For prelims, Mains and monthly current affairs you can visit Vision IAS Current affairs page for both Hindi and English medium material.

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  1. I am confused with so many sites and sources and not sure which to continue. There is monthly vision current affairs, Baba daily current affairs, Insight current affairs,Mrunal current affairs. These keep on pushing the feedly. Genuinely suggest what to follow already paid the price in this attempt by loosing the game just because of current affairs and basics

    • Current Affairs is such a huge Umbrella term in UPSC, we put every thing under it. CA for Prelims / CA for Mains .

      My suggestions are in this very Order

      01.Hindu + Indian express, where you will get info like newly discovered elements, Gravitation waves, who won what etc which you read daily.

      02.Vision IAS current affairs, its like revising all these things again with additional Info. Purely for CA .

      03.Depending on topic: Mrunal Bhai, he is writing occasionally , but he covers a topic comprehensively . So worth reading 2-5 articles for a month.

      04.All India Radio Spotlight : for a brief but detailed analysis on a particular topic , a must for CA.

      05.Insights is Diff – they have 3 areas, CA/Editorial/Daily question and its compilations. Apart from their test series.
      a)Editorial is a comprehensive article on a particular issue, very useful for mains.
      b)CA articles Skim through them, incase if you missed any thing IMP

      Lastly Various Institute Question papers, which will have expected current affairs based questions.

      But most imp thing is to revise 01 & 02 before prelims. the more you revise the better also you need to revise Static books as many times as possible

      • No need to be panic, for daily update, follow only insight. Insight covers all important topic for CSE from The Hindu , IE, Livemind, PIB etc. and all these are covered paper vise, read them carefully, also attempt the daily GS question, Further if you wish to gain more knowledge, then in spite of reading full news paper. read only editorial, IR related news and Policies. Don’t waste your precious time on all other news(This is what Mrunal says-how to prepare for CSE) for daily update don’t go any other news paper than TH and IE.
        For monthly Revision(revision only, better is to revise your own notes), paper vise, download Vision or Rao’s pdf. However, if you are reading chronical magzine then it is not necessary.
        on the end of month or week, don’t forget to analyses yourself by any test. It can be on LS or RS Tv. sunday edition. for polity you can also watch RS TV series Samvidhan on you tube or on Tv ,
        I hope it will be helpfull.

    • I had the same query Ranjan. But since there is so much to do, I follow this website for highlights. Then i make a note of the topics.
      After that particular month I pick up Vision’s material to see the few extra topics which I mark. Round it off with Mrunal’s topics downloaded every month : Cherry on cake. TADA

  2. Sir. am new visitor on ur site. I love the way u posted vision current affair bcoz it was all in one. with Brief knowledges.. plz continue to update a vision monthly CA as soon as possibe . It was quite helpful.

  3. Thank you so much are being a real help. Very grateful to you for all this hard work..waiting for the April Issue.

  4. Hello Sir, Vision current affairs are very informative and descriptive. The current topics are explained in a neat manner which any one can understand. I have ordered Jan 2016 – Aug 2016 hard copies. Awaiting for September 2016. Please let me know when the hard copy will be available.


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