Weekly Round September 6

This is a weekly round up of all the Important sources which are useful for mains 2015 preparation , trying to look back this week, at all important UPSC sources.

My Highest priority is to News Papers :

  1. Suggested Articles for 5th September 2015
  2. Suggested Articles for 4th September 2015
  3. Suggested Articles for 3rd September 2015
  4. Suggested Articles for 2nd September 2015
  5. Suggested Articles for 1st September 2015
  6.  Suggested Articles for 31st August 2015
  1. Next Yojana , September Yojana is on Smart cities and Transforming Urban landscape, which is very important for mains, so please do buy it,read it. here is a link Yojana free archives .
  2. Also we have updated AIR Spotlight news analysis in our Google drive from January to till date. Organised month wise and renamed. This Includes this weeks audio too.
  3. Coming to  Rajya Sabha big picture. I have a mixed feeling about this weeks episodes , so suggesting them as optional.
  4. We have created a dedicated Mains 2015 page, which includes most of the above things, but this post comes out every Sunday, that page is updated daily.
  5. Biggest Surprise of this week is Mrunal bhai have not released his prelims key so far. you can check other keys here.
  6. As usual Insights daily questions are useful. I find their daily Insights Daily Current Events even more useful for revision.
  7. Also MFE site is posting lot of updates, too much material is not good,but Insight Secure 2015 compilations Jan- August 2015 is always welcome.
  8. many test series have started from today, so expecting lot of question papers and scans in various sites soon.
  9. Finally please don’t waste time thinking about prelims result, and focus on your optional too friends.


Please use UPSC filters while reading these articles, take facts and other useful analysis only.

As of now for this week I find these things useful,based on your feed back and suggestions (If any) will post an improved article next Sunday. All the best 🙂

Remember No detail is too small, no effort is too big !

8 thoughts on “Weekly Round September 6”

  1. Hello..
    Thank you for providing great stuffs.
    I have a query? Being a medical student this year I have given the exam,but only 45 q was right,I analysis my paper wat I found that first to complete ncert , but reading geography frm cls 11 and 12 I may not able to understand things little bit Would you pls suggest me ? How to tackle this ?should I read only 6to 10 ncert of geography?? Bcoz my optinl is only med.sci. pls rply for this How to read this cls 11 and 12 ncert of geography???

  2. Hi kalyan,

    I am preparing for UPSC 2016, how good the above topics are useful for prelims 2016 ?? If I follow this blog (I have read “about” page too) , will it be a one stop for all the search for materials, news etc ?? . I am not asking this for a shortcut purpose, but just to make myself not deviated form the “unrelated” issues/news/materials. Being a new person to this journey , I dont want to do the same the mistakes as you did

    Thank you

    • hi,
      I started this blog to share what I learnt/ing, as you can see in Mains 2015 page, I listed my sources and I believe in them, I will not go beyond them , unless I find some thing extremely useful I will stick to basics. I also mentioned the sites I trust, though there are many sites, I find them reliable.

      Apart from that MFE is also doing great job in sharing materials,question papers, I will share them too. That will be all from my side, because I think the old rule is golden rule, that read from limited sources and read them many times. Hope I answered your question 🙂


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