YouTube and UPSC preparation

YouTube had became an indispensable source for UPSC preparation specially to those who cannot afford coaching or from rural areas. Thanks to broadband penetration and Youtubers like Mrunal,coaching came to our study rooms from old rajendar nagar.

In this post I would like to share some channels and playlists which will help bridge the gap between those who can afford coaching and those who cannot, in a humble way Youtube is bringing knowledge to those who seek .

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

I strongly believe in less sources and more revision and I place my trust on Government sources primarily. So what are the government sources for UPSC preparation. All India Radio,Yojana ,Kurukshetra Economic survey and Loksabha and Rajya Sabha TV channels.

Luckily Loksabha Tv stated posting its videos on Youtube , I suggest English shows mainly, so what to watch in Loksabha tv ?

  • Insights* : Daily discussion on some important issues
  • Public Forum* : its an alternate day program,  TUE-THU-SAT 7 PM English , other days in Hindi, very useful for mains preparation.

RajyaSabha TV is in next level compared to LSTV, they have wide range of shows , here are some suggested ones .

Mrunal : in UPSC circles he need no introduction , his channel cover geography, economy and few other subjects.

Vision IAS

They also started posting some good stuff like toppers talks and how to prepare for UPSC which will give some nice idea to beginners.

CivilsPrep Team

15-20 minutes video explaining the articles of Hindu and Indian express daily by CPT

General suggested videos :

  • Justice with Michael Sandel for ethics
  • crash course world history they cover wide range of subjects.
  • The School of Life they cover short videos on wide range of topics from Philosophy,political theory etc.
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Videos, explaining things. Like evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe.
  • TED-ED animated educational short videos

*Highly Recommended , rest are optional completely up to you. Even in these shows not every episode is useful, viewers discretion suggested depending on your time and patience.

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