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This Page is dedicated to provide links to materials and question Papers . You can contribute too, just mail us any useful links or any materials you have to

I also wrote an UPSC Civil service IAS Preparation guide from my experience,hope it helps you.Also wrote a post covering Prelims Book list and Important Links.

We all know How much Mrunal bhai is helping aspirants in preparation and he has uploaded tons of useful stuff already so I don’t want to duplicate the effort I will just link to him ,

Download Free Study Material for UPSC

UPSC 2016 Resources

Toppers Notes,strategies and Study Plans :

You might have read Interviews of toppers but in reality they don’t do different things they do things differently , I am posting the links of all the topper blogs I know.I am sure you will find tons of useful stuff in them ,

Strategy :

Essay and GS :

Notes and Material

Please send me a Mail regarding links ,feedback,complaints and suggestions .

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  1. I request the team to publish AIR spotlight archive on main page….which will, I am sure, help out aspirants immensely…Thank you.

  2. Hello Sir, first of thank you for all the UPSC guidance.
    I wanted to enquire that whether an eBook of
    “The Indian Economy” by Sanjiv Verma and “Indian Art and Culture” by Nitin Singhania is a available.
    These book are available online but in hardcopy form.
    If available please post in your telegram channel or website.
    Thank you


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